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September 2005 / Volume 14



Where are we now?



The month of June seemed ripe with the promise of a settlement that teachers could live with.  From the vantage point of late August this promise has withered somewhat due to the breakdown of the negotiations process in June.  As the new school year begins, it is time to clarify our position in the negotiations’ scheme.


Where do we stand on salary?

Our original demand was for an increase of 12.5% over a three-year period, which corresponded to the demand of our cartel partners in the FSE and the CSQ.  The CSN, FTQ and other public sector unions made the same demand.


As negotiations progressed, we reduced our salary demand to 12.5% over six years with the following provisos:


  1. No year could be at zero.
  2. Teachers’ buying power could not be eroded by cost of living increases.


The CSN, FTQ and other public sector unions have not made this concession.


Note that our salary demands do not include salary equity.  We consider this a separate issue.


Where does the government stand?

The government’s offer is 12.6% over a period of 6 years nine months, with years 1, 2 and 3 at ZERO percent.  This 12.6% covers ALL cost increases resulting from this round of negotiations.  These costs would include: salary equity costs, the cost of a teacher moving up the salary scale etc.


The actual increase in salary will be 8% over a period of six years nine months with salary equity and other costs making up the balance.  The government has recently repeated this ridiculous offer while publicly blaming teachers for being greedy.


Where do we go from here?

When talks ended on June 17th, 2005 a sectorial settlement seemed possible until the government made its salary offer.  The government negotiators had offered $100 million of new money for additional resources for special needs students.  Other outstanding issues remained.


We can now report that there is an agreement between the unions (CSQ/QPAT) and the government to restart negotiations as soon as possible on the basis of that offer and to negotiate intensively to reach a settlement.


How do we support our demands?

The Board of Directors of QPAT agreed to a fall action plan, which is being implemented by your local union.  These actions will serve to keep our negotiations in the public eye and send a clear message to the Charest government that we are mobilizing in support of our negotiators. We need your support now!  Make sure our action plan makes an impact!





The ATA Supports Quality Public Education
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