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                                         February 2005 / Volume 4



“Public Education is Our Future! Mr. Charest Invest Now!”



Our last negotiated collective agreement expired June 30, 2002.  A one-year extension was agreed to in order to try to settle our salary equity issues. Despite our best efforts, a salary equity agreement on the outstanding issue of how to rank each job category still has not been reached.  This ranking issue has important salary implications for us, since we are expecting to go up in the new ranking.


The government has also suggested that the total increase in the cost of teacher‑related dossiers cannot exceed 12.6% for the next six years including the cost of salary equity!


Our Union Demands, the Government and School Board “Offers”


After a skeletal deposit of our demands in March 2003, we deposited our full demands at both the sectorial (teacher‑related) and central (salary and pension) tables in November 2003.


We then waited for our employer (the government and the school boards in partnership) to deposit their “offers”, which happened in March and June 2004.  These “offers”, which might more correctly be referred to as “demands for concessions”, consisted of only a few pages of vague statements such as: “This employer offer is intended to allow teachers greater participation in the search for solutions to specific problems” (a quote from the CPNCA “offer”).  The clearest statement from the employer group was: “NO NEW MONEY!”


Our Request for Mediation


Before last summer, we requested mediation.  The mediator’s report of September 2004 saw little opportunity for a quick settlement.  It also placed us in a position to go on a legal strike.


We do not see how a negotiated settlement which will improve working conditions for our teachers and learning conditions for our students can be arrived at based on the vague philosophical statements advanced so far at the table.  This is especially true when it is placed in combination with the recurring “NO NEW MONEY” refrain.  These are not real negotiations, but a travesty of them.


Our Next Step


The following action plan was approved by the QPAT Board Of Directors:


Phase 1: “Light” Action






February 10, 11, 2005


Stage 1

QPAT Provincial Council media event.


February 14, 2005

School/centre portraits

Stage 2

Creation of a school/centre portrait.

Teachers in every school/centre

Mid-February 2005 onwards

School/centre portraits

Stage 3

Demonstrations at school board meetings, and presentation of school/centre portraits to commissioners.


Visit to governing board to submit school/centre portrait.

School board commissioners




Parents and adult students

Towards the end of February 2005

Follow‑up to “Letter to the Employer”



Operation “MNA”

Stage 4

Submission of a report on the operation to the Director General of each school board by local union.


Local unions send copies to MNA’s on their territory with covering letter asking for support.

School board





Members of the National Assembly



Phase 2: Intensification of Action


“This is what my week is like….”





March 7 to 11, 2005

Getting some attention.

Beginning of a publicity blitz – ads in local papers, on radio, etc.,  with a focus on how important and difficult our jobs are, and on what we need.


Windshield stickers with our slogan to publicize our cause.

March 7 to 11, 2005


Week 1

We are in mourning.

Monday action


We wear QPAT negotiations buttons with the slogan:


“Public education is our future! Mr. Charest invest now!”


Buttons may be worn every day for the rest of the campaign.

March 14 to 18, 2005


Week 2

We are visibly showing support for our demands in negotiations.

Tuesday action


We dress in black to indicate our complete dissatisfaction with the slow pace of negotiations.


This action continues every Tuesday throughout the campaign.

March 21 to 25, 2005


Week 3

We picket before school starts or at lunchtime in front of our schools/centres.




QPAT publicity campaign intensifies.

Wednesday action


We carry picket signs for 15 minutes before school or at lunchtime, whichever is more effective.


Wednesday picketing continues throughout the campaign.


In order to coincide with possible general meetings, a radio campaign begins based on our themes as above.

March 28 to

April 1, 2005


Week 4


We send faxes to the management negotiating team.

Thursday action


Union delegates send faxes to the CPNCA and the MEQ, telling the management team that we want real negotiations, and no more stalling.

April 3 to 7, 2005


Week 5


Wednesday, Thursday and/or Friday action


Action of local union’s choice.


Verification with QPAT for coordination.


Local unions are encouraged to hold a variety of social and festive events

at the local or regional levels throughout the five weeks of the operation.




Phase 3: Work Stoppages


This phase will be the subject of a SEPARATE CONSULTATION

which will be initiated only if warranted.






April 11 to 22, 2005

Strike Day 1

General meetings will be called to evaluate the necessity of one-day strikes.

Friday, May 6, 2005

Strike Day 2 for CSQ/QPAT

Mass gathering in Quebec City.







It's time for action.

For our "surprise", the ATA will most likely have a "Nostalgia Week".

The ATA Supports Quality Public Education
in the Eastern Townships